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“With the help of Jay’s coaching I was able to increase my self-confidence and now I am at ease in almost any social situation! I am dating an amazing guy, I just started a new job where I have easily made friends and I have been doing more activities with friends during the weekends!!  I am writing this after six months of finishing coaching so I know Jay’s techniques have helped me tremendously.”

by: S.A., NYC

“Jay enabled me with the skills to meet and date multiple women, to overcome my fear of networking and public speaking, to go for a promotion at work (which I got), to finish the NYC marathon, to get a high score on the GMAT, and to get into a Top-5 MBA program.”

by: John, New York

“Prior to meeting with Jay I was the type of person to please everyone, and in the end get walked on. Jay helped me say no, and put myself first. I am now in the process of opening my own business thanks to Jay as well as have a new view on life, my expectations and the level I hold myself accountable at. Thank you, Jay!”

by: Danielle V., Buffalo, NY

“Thanks to Jay, I feel like I have VASTLY improved my self-esteem and my communications with others, especially with the men that I date. I now feel much more control in my relationships because I no longer tolerate any rude or disrespectful behavior from men and I have a better eye for choosing those who are truly a good match for me. I am in a new relationship as we speak and it feels fantastic!”

by: Linda R., NYC

“The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I am no longer afraid of experiencing certain emotions. I learned how to better understand and validate my feelings and how to more easily face my fears, and I’m experiencing an overall feeling of accomplishment.”

by: E.J.S.

“I had a hard time focusing on certain important aspects until I met a person who changed my life dramatically. This person is my life coach, Jay Cataldo. He has transformed me in many ways, leading to liberating moments starting from the bottom where I was lost and striving for help. With his guidance, I have been able to develop greater self-confidence and self-efficacy.”

by: Lex Kridel, Franklin Lakes, NJ